The sharing of food has great meaning, nourishing our health, wellbeing and culture.

We are most excited about food with good provenance and their rich stories starting with the care and toil of a productive local food network, yielding fresh and nutritious foods. Used in our menus and served with pride, to become part of our client's stories as they share and enjoy with others. 

It's a pleasure and privilege to be apart of this age old cycle, not taking short cuts and doing things right. Relishing the opportunities to deliver emotional and physical impacts for our clients.  

Time together is very important and we like our food to compliment rather than control this time. A simple service style with menus that are healthy, hearty and honest.

Making success...sustainable

It requires constant work and we are making every effort to learn and implement as much as we can. What is sustainable for an individual may not be the same locally or for the planet.

We continue to develop tasty menus around good probiotic and nutritional values for our clients. Keep packaging, suppliers and miles to a minimum, using only eco friendly packaging, sourcing locally and seasonaly as well as growing where possible.

Currently working on ways to improve our waste management and lower the impact of cleaning products.



Inspired from the Great British Menu.


Sourcing seasonal and cooking fresh retains nutritional value


Using local suppliers and producers as well as growing from our allotment


Ingredients with good provenance prepared with care, create great flavours

We really enjoy bringing some past wisdoms to the modern times with traditional cooking methods like brining, fermentation, pickling, sprouting and bone broths. 


The demands of modern living can make it hard bringing big groups together. So when it happens, we need to make the most of that time. Our grazing approach to service is quick and ensures your guests have the most space and time to freely mingle at service, creating more memories and interactions. 

We do not offer a traditional fine food dinning experience. 


Family run business who are lucky to have a lovely bunch of people working with us. A team of genuine friends providing the best service we can to our clients. We are a small group, so the people you speak to over the phone will be the same people preparing, cooking and serving your food. Leading to a personal service you cannot buy in with agency staff. 

So we can best look after our clients needs we take great care with our own team and culture. There is a lot of work to do and couldn't do it without a happy team. If you or know someone who maybe interested in joining us part time the please get in touch.