Thoughts So Far…

I feel we can use past wisdoms and traditions to improve our modern living.


Progress creates winners and losers, our relationship with food is unfortunately in the latter. A disconnect started in the UK decades ago which has been accelerated through time short urban living.

Sharing food is the one reliable time when everyone can spend quality time together. A small act that can have big consequences. Sadly in our time this shared food experience is on the decline. 

I want to reverse the decline of shared meals, starting with our everyday work lives. Help people to reconnect with the surrounding countryside, through food. Improving the health and well being of our bodies and communities.

Sourcing seasonally with a proud provenance benefits the local community and creates a common sense sustainable practice that can’t help be flavoursome and nutritional.

Making Success Sustainable.

We strive for the lowest environmental impact through common sense sourcing and service policies.

In doing this we have found what is sustainable for the individual may not be the case locally or for the planet. It is a balance that is never perfect but we do our best.

Using award winning, recycled and biodegradable packaging from Vegware. To reduce miles and enrich the local economy, we only source from local Sussex Suppliers and grow our own vegetables and herbs in the Kitchen Garden. Currently working on ways to improve our waste and cleaning management.

Dan Rose.jpg

My name is Dan and here’s some my story…

From a music consultant of film and adverts, to the fields and offices of Sussex. Getting to know local suppliers and producers with creating value to my local community as my personal reward.

It has always been important for me to have meaning and emotion in my career.

Being a music consultant allowed to me tap into the shared emotive relationship we all have with music and the same goes for food. Both industries have similarly passionate and creative communities making it easy to jump between.

After moving back to my hometown, Brighton, I wanted to connect locally and service clients in a more ‘grounded’ and meaningful way. To hopefully make a genuine difference to my life and others around me.

So I brought myself a trailer Rosie, dad’s nickname for mum, and set off on my own self styled catering university at local events and festivals. Fuelled by the generosity of family and friends with a lot of hard work and fun, I became Sussex caterer!

I am very proud and excited about the direction of Spade and Spoon, still lots to do and learn. As long as we keep finding ways to add value to our local community and provide solutions to our clients, I’ll be happy.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in my own personal journey. Good luck with yours!