Sussex Meats

The highest quality, all sourced from local farms by our Ringmer butcher, Lew Howard & Son.


Roast Pulled Meats

Dry spiced rub with a12 hour slow roast in a liquid. Either apple juice, ale, bone broth or wine. Served with the reserved roasting juices ensuring our meat is kept moist and flavoursome from start to finish.

Orchard Pork & Crackling

Dark Ale & Beef

Brined & Herb Whole Chicken

Southdowns Rosemary Lamb

Ribs & Chops

Dry rubbed and slow cooked o ensure a ‘fall off the bone’ moment. Then given a glaze for a perfect finish with a depth of flavour.

Pork Belly Rib

Beef Short Rib

Lamb Chops

Tender Strips

`Marinated or brined for a depth of flavour. Flash fried, rested then sliced into strips. To finish off, either tossed in a dressing or dipped in warmed mop sauce. Can be served hot or ambient.

Butcher Beef Steak (rump skirt)

Free Range Chicken Breast

Southdowns Lamb Rump Steak

Carbs, Sides & Condiments


Kent Grown Potatoes

Only using potatoes from the Morghew Estate, growing a wide selection of main crop and new potatoes.

mashed potato fondant / potato salads / roast new potatoes / potato tortilla

Organic Whole Grains

British quinoa & pearl barley / smoked farro / turmeric brown & wild rice / wheat berry & bean

Only using ancient or whole grains. We flavour with herbs, spices and dressings.

Seasonal Sides & Preserves

homemade root coleslaws / allotment green leaf salad / garden sweetcorn drums / minted green pea crush / Sussex tomato salsa / carrot paprika pickled salad / courgette & sheep cheese frites / truffled celeriac & mushroom / sweet star anise beetroot / apple & fennel salad / herb & honey roasted roots / spiced cucumber pickles / herb onion compote

Adds seasonal colour and flavour to the main, tailored to your tastes. Inspired by the British countryside with a little twist here and there. Always developing new ideas with some examples, much more on request.


Sussex apple sauce / garden green sauce / beetroot ketchup / farmhouse herb yoghurt dressing / rosemary infused oil / roast garlic mayo / English beer mustard / citrus tahini / kale pesto / creamed horseradish

Depending on your choice of main and sides, we have a large selection of condiments. Fresh made dairy and non dairy dressings, infused oils, sauces and ketchups.


Roast seed dukkah / fried & spiced sweetcorn / micro sprouts / parsnip or kale crisps / buckwheat puffs / turmeric pickled egg / toasted nuts / edible flowers / gremolata crumb

Great additions sprinkled on top for texture and flavour hits. Examples below with more on request and when the main is decided upon.

Vegetarian & Vegan

So we can better match flavours and styles across the whole menu, it’s best to discuss after your meat choice.

Other Dietary Requirements

We cater for all dietary requirements but please know our kitchen is not cross contaminated secure.