Eating food around the table, can be the one reliable time when everyone can spend quality time together.

We believe it’s a small act that can have big consequences. Our passion is to make the most of that time.

Bringing past wisdoms of traditional cooking methods like brining, fermentation, pickling, sprouting and bone broths. To revive and renew our modern convenience living. 

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Sourcing seasonal and cooking fresh retains nutritional value with the most flavour.


Using local suppliers and producers as well as growing from our allotment. Unprocessed, natural whole foods.


Ingredients with good provenance prepared with care, create great flavours.

Sustainable catering, cooked in line with the seasons and sourced from a local network, sharing our values. CLICK HERE to see our suppliers, more to be added.

Please click the below menus to learn more about what we offer. Some examples included with more on request, depending on seasonal availability.