Our oil comes from my family’s trees some I planted with my father and grandfather when I was small, others have been standing for generations...It isn’t a blend with other oil or mixed as a co-op...we have nurtured and harvest every olive used in our oil.
— Vasilis Nikolidakis

Mesto is a Cretan and UK partnership founded in 2013 by Vasilis Nikolidakis and Cate Steele in Brighton. Cate leaves every winter to help with the harvest taking the olives to local mills for cold extraction. Then left for several months unfiltered allowing for gravity to clear the oil naturally.

Using a single variety of olive, Koroneiki, the oil has a delicate and fruity flavour with a fresh grassy nose. No heat or chemicals are used in their process so retaining all the nutritional benefits of the oil.

The fresher the oil the better the taste and nutritional value. Buying direct from the farm ensures we only use the freshest Exra Virgin Olive Oil.